Riptide FPV Freestyle & Racing Frame Kit

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The Riptide is a flexible FPV racing and freestyle frame with options for 5" and 6" props as well as "true X" and "stretch X" configurations.  The 4mm arms are strong enough to take on the abuse of racing while staying thin enough to give you a minimal loss of thrust.  This intermediate-advanced frame presents a clean and compact design for you to rip the skies with!

Slotted arms allow for both under and traditional top mounted ESCs.  Each arm is 15mm wide which allows for low air resistance.  Also included are three different side plates to allow for increased frame rigidity and component protection.  The frame has vertical and horizontal mounting holes for your antenna, each with TBS Unify Pro Pigtail holes.

Antenna tubes can be cleanly secured using the four zip tie slots located on the back plate.  The Riptide has a HD camera base plate to allow for different HD cameras to be used and quickly swapped out and a max camera angle of 50 degrees.  Three more zip tie holes are located around the frame to further secure your battery pigtail from damage.  This frame was engineered to be clean and fast!



  • Top Plate: 1.5mm, 6g
  • Base Plate: 2mm, 8g
  • Bottom Plate: 1.5mm, 7.5g
  • Arms: 4mm, 10g (11g for 6")
  • Side/Back Plates: 1.5mm, 1.5g
  • Camera Mount Base Plate: 1.5mm, 2g
  • Hardware: 14g


What's included:

  • 1x Top Plate
  • 1x Base Plate
  • 1x Bottom Plate
  • 4x Arms
  • 3x Side Plate (1 of each type)
  • 1x Back Plate
  • 1x HD Camera Mounting Base Plate
  • 1x Spacer Plate
  • 2x FPV Camera Plates
  • 10x M3 X 10mm steel screws
  • 5x M3 X 16mm steel screws
  • 5x M3 X 25mm standoffs
  • 5x M3 steel sink nuts
  • 5x 006 O-Rings
  • 3x 008 O-Rings
  • Untitled3D Riptide GoPro Session Camera Mount is NOT included


Optional Parts:

  • TBS Unify Pro V2 mounting circuit board (recommended)
  • LED back plate
  • Arm LEDs
  • Untitled3D Arm Bumpers
  • Untitled3D Riptide GoPro Session Camera Mounts


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