Riplite Frame Kit - Ultra Light Racing Frame

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Taking the Riptide to the next level. 

The Riplite is a highly competitive, light weight frame. Based on the tanky Riptide, the Riplite is a slimmed down design that emphesizes weight savings and lower drag features while retaining durability. The 15mm standoffs and protected lower bay means better crash protection for your Asgard AIO or 4in1 ESCs. 

The design also takes advantage of the light and compact line of micro cameras now being produced. With 4 mounting points and an enclosed carbon bay, your FPV camera will remain secured in all but the worst crashes. 

The 8x5mm arms provide durability when you need it while minimzing loss of thrust due to wide arms. Higher efficiency and more power. 

Frame weight: 72g

All frame pieces are 1.5mm thick (with 5mm arms).


  • 10x M3x16 steel bolts
  • 5x M3x8 steel bolts
  • 5x M3x15 aluminum standoffs
  • 5x M3 steel nyloc nuts